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Pivot Tables in Excel 2013

How to use Pivot Tables in Excel 2013 including tips and tricks for previous and subsequent versions of Excel. Pivot tables changes slightly from version to version but the core concepts stay the same

Data cleanup in Excel

The most common task Excel is used for is to ‘clean’ information received from other systems to be usable in the business.

Excel What If Analysis

The What If Analysis course shows you how to run what ifs and sensitivities in Excel using the built in tools like Data Tables, Goal Seek, Solver and Scenario Manager.

Excel Fundamentals-2 hrs

Understanding the Excel fundamentals including how to find useful functions, understand which cells the formula uses, use the $ signs and creating IF functions


We aim to provide the ultimate, one stop shop for all Excel users requirements, within South Africa and worldwide.

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"Recently we had a most successful in-house training session at our company. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude."

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