Pivot Tables in Excel

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In this course we teach you how to use Pivot Tables in Excel. Whether you are simply performing recons, or are responsible for data analytics and business intelligence in your company, Pivot Tables are the most important tool in Excel.

Pivot Tables are an intermediate skill and much easier to learn then all the complex VLOOKUP, SUMIFS type functions. BUT they are much more powerful!

Pivot table training

Recent comment on the Online Pivot Tables course from a client in the Kruger Park

Hi Adrian, Thanks. The lessons are easy to follow and it is quite convenient doing them at home. I have to squeeze them in between normal work duties, which adds to the convenience. The pivot tables will indeed be very useful moving forward. I am trying to apply the concept to my data as I am going along with the lessons and it has already been a massive time saver. The potential is great. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction and following up.

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More Pivot Table Exercises

A variety of exercises involving Pivot Tables, with solutions and video solutions which will highlight other useful aspects of Pivot Tables and address some of the common problems,


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