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Intermediate Excel Course

In this course you will learn a combination of tools and functions that an Intermediate Excel user should be aware of. This is more than just an Excel 2 course, as it covers the practical uses of Excel at this level.

Excel Dashboards and Management Reporting

This course will cover how to use Excel to create meaningful dashboards and management reports.

It is assumed you know the basics about Pivot Tables and Charting.

The course will focus on areas that apply to dashboards and will include practical aspects of Pivot Tables, Charting, Conditional Formatting and Sparklines along with other critical dashboard tips and tricks.

Time value of money, debt, NPV and IRR in Excel

A mini course that focuses on the time value of money calculations in all its forms in Excel.

Included is debt calculations and how to

  • allow for pre payments, ad hoc withdrawals and changes in interest rate.
  • How NPV and IRR work in Excel and
  • the relationship between the two and the debt calculations

This is an extract out of theĀ Online Financial Modelling, Budgeting and Forecasting Course . If you want a comprehensive overview we recommend you do the full course

Beginner Excel Course

In this course you will learn how to:

  • operate the ribbon,
  • customize the quick-access toolbar,
  • format and set up personalized spreadsheets by using colours, spacing and lines,
  • do calculations
  • set up formulas for calculations and
  • also produce graphs at the push of a few buttons.

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