About the Online Excel Courses

The Terms and Conditions

  • Unlimited time access to the online course material;
  • You can repeat the lessons/courses as many times as you wish;
  • No additional software is required to complete these courses (besides Excel);
  • Can be completed on any device- desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Receive a certificate of completion and earn a certificate of competence

Full List of MS Excel online course

For a full list of all the available online MS Excel courses, see the All Courses page.

You can also try out our courses for free. Have a look at the Free MS Excel courses available.

Alternatively we have split the courses into the following areas (click to see all the available courses in that category)

How to use these courses

Lower down a short video of all the features of our online courses and how to work through them.

Below some of the key moments in the videos and when they occur

00:00 Starting your Online Excel course
00:36 Requirements to get your certificate
00:51 Download the follow along Excel file/s
02:37 Move from lesson to lesson
03:29 Video tutorials (YouTube and custom video)
03:45 Using the YouTube videos
03:53 Increase YouTube video to full screen
04:04 Force YouTube to show full quality video
04:27 Custom video if YouTube not working
04:42 Video AND text instructions provided
05:02 Completing a lesson with Excel MCQ’s
06:20 Practical Excel examples to complete during the course
06:36 Excel examples explained (video & text)
07:10 Solutions to the examples explained in video format
07:45 Download your certificate for completing online Excel course

Some other ideas some of the participants have had:

  • If you have 2 screens, run the video clip/ read the instructions on one screen while you work on Excel on the other screen.
  • If you don’t have 2 screens, use your smartphone to watch the video clip while you try out the steps.

Need more information?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us on info@AuditExcel.co.za