Category A-Skill (Beg-Int-Adv)

  • Beginner Excel Course

    In this course you will learn how to:

    • operate the ribbon,
    • customize the quick-access toolbar,
    • format and set up personalized spreadsheets by using colours, spacing and lines,
    • do calculations
    • set up formulas for calculations and
    • also produce graphs at the push of a few buttons.
  • Intermediate Excel Course

    In this course you will learn a combination of tools and functions that an Intermediate Excel user should be aware of. This is more than just an Excel 2 course, as it covers the practical uses of Excel at this level.

  • Excel Fundamentals-2 hrs

    Understanding the Excel fundamentals including how to find useful functions, understand which cells the formula uses, use the $ signs and creating IF functions

  • Advanced Excel Course

    This course is for anyone who needs to learn Advanced Excel. It follows on from our Intermediate Excel course.