Advanced MS Excel for Auditors and Consultants

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An online MS Excel course that will teach you all of the key tools that would be required by Auditors and Consultants. .

When you sign up you get access to 4 separate courses so that you can learn in increments. This course is perfect for all auditors and consultants who regularly have to:

  • get information from clients
  • rework it to make it usable
  • analyse it to see what it is saying
  • present the findings and set up management reports.

It is recommended that you are at at least an Intermediate MS Excel level (assess yourself with our free MS Excel Skills Assessment )

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Miricle Solutions was started in 2003 when Adrian Miric left KPMG to set up a consultancy focused on the safe and efficient use of excel in the corporate world. With this is mind the company has strived to provide the ultimate solution to all excel needs.