Auditing an Excel spreadsheet

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A free course covering auditing an Excel spreadsheet. We cover what is risky in a spreadsheet and where the likely errors are (where to look first if you have limited time).

The teachings are specific to MS Excel and the tools and features in MS Excel. We do recommend that you look at using an Add In to automate finding the risky areas in a spreadsheet.

You can download a free trial copy of ExcelAnalyzer to follow along fully with the course but the lessons will teach you about the risk areas in a spreadsheet even without the Excel Add In.


Quickly find the obvious spreadsheet errors

Using Spreadsheet Best Practice and experience we know where the obvious spreadsheet errors hide. In this module, in order of usefulness, we highlight the tests that will quickly find spreadsheet errors.


Prioritise which formula to look in for errors

Before you start reviewing every single cell in a spreadsheet, there are some high risk indicators that an Excel function may have a spreadsheet error. These are listed in order of importance and likelihood of being a spreadsheet error.