Free VLOOKUP Course

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One of the most important formula in Excel is the VLOOKUP formula. It has a variety of practical uses and is the stepping stone into truly understanding how Excel thinks.

The  ‘Free VLOOKUP Course’ is an Ad supported series of VLOOKUP lessons that will start you at the basics and turn you into a VLOOKUP Pro. It includes VLOOKUP practice exercises and quizzes.

Some of the practical uses for VLOOKUP are:

  • Joining databases and tables e.g. attach employee names to there salaries, address details etc
  • Find missing items (useful for reconciliation)
  • Compare 2 columns (useful for reconciliation
  • Make areas static, anchor data to work with
  • Let Excel guestimate an answer
  • Create categories for employee performance, grouping of sales, grouping employees into age brackets
  • Age invoices, stock and debtors into bands- aging anything
  • Sales commission bands
  • Tax bands
  • Different interest rates at different bank balance levels
  • Create costs that affect certain months depending on business activity
  • Calculate step up costs and fixed costs in a financial model

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