POPIA and GDPR Compliance- Built in Excel Tools that will help

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Securing and limiting access to data has become important as a result of the recent Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in South Africa and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe. Built within MS Excel are a number of tools and features that, in combination with other processes, can improve your POPIA and GDPR Compliance.

In this free course we cover the tools that you should make sure all your staff are aware of and use with a particular focus on Access control to data and secure passwords.

Some of the features that you will learn about include:

  • Where sensitive information can hide
  • How to control access to workbooks, or worksheets, or individual cells
  • Options to make your protected spreadsheets more user friendly e.g. protected but you can still increase column width, use filters etc

Control access to information in Excel Spreadsheets

The options and tools built in MS Excel to control access to information within spreadsheets.


Making protected Excel Spreadsheets easier to use

Once you have protected the Excel spreadsheets you may find that it reduces their usability. Variety of ways to keep the protection but make them more user friendly.