PowerPivot Training Online

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PowerPivot training online for Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. The aim of this course is to:

  • show you how similar PowerPivot use is to Excel use
  • show you how powerful PowerPivot is
  • teach you about the new DAX measures (called Calculated Fields in Excel 2013)
  • get you to the tipping point where you can learn for yourself
  • provide you with examples and exercises you can download

Some of the benefits of knowing PowerPivot include:

  • No additional software, it is business intelligence built into the Excel you already have so you can sweat your software assets
  • Easily link to multiple sources of information and pull them into a single database  i.e. Excel files, text files, SQL files, Access databases and more into a single report
  • Establish relationships between your databases, so no more time and space consuming VLOOKUP’s
  • Handle more data- 100 million rows is possible
  • Build live dashboards and re use them every month
  • Clean your data on import and not as a separate exercise
  • New formula allow for more options then traditional pivot tables

In order to do this course we recommend a skill level of >3.5, some knowledge of traditional pivot tables, and a version of Excel that has the PowerPivot feature (we offer a free Skills Assessment to make sure you get the correct level of training).

If you prefer to attend a live session, visit the MS Excel Advanced Courses Calendar


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Miricle Solutions was started in 2003 when Adrian Miric left KPMG to set up a consultancy focused on the safe and efficient use of excel in the corporate world. With this is mind the company has strived to provide the ultimate solution to all excel needs.