Vlookup Explained- 1 Hr

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Vlookup Explained in simple terms

One of the most important formula in Excel is the VLOOKUP formula. It has a variety of practical uses and is the stepping stone into truly understanding how Excel thinks.

The  ‘VLOOKUP explained in simple terms’ is a series of VLOOKUP lessons that will start you at the basics and turn you into a VLOOKUP Pro. It includes VLOOKUP practice exercises and quizzes.

Some of the practical uses for VLOOKUP are:

  • Joining databases and tables e.g. attach employee names to there salaries, address details etc
  • Find missing items (useful for reconciliation)
  • Compare 2 columns (useful for reconciliation
  • Make areas static, anchor data to work with
  • Let Excel guestimate an answer
  • Create categories for employee performance, grouping of sales, grouping employees into age brackets
  • Age invoices, stock and debtors into bands- aging anything
  • Sales commission bands
  • Tax bands
  • Different interest rates at different bank balance levels
  • Create costs that affect certain months depending on business activity
  • Calculate step up costs and fixed costs in a financial model

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