Running What Ifs

Adding a last minute Sensitivity

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When you have built the perfect model, consider carefully when you want to make changes to it. It is often best to change the least amount of cells to get the desired effect.

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In the example below we have a working model, and at the last minute 2 new scenarios are introduced being the ‘Cashflow Breakdown v1’ and ‘Cashflow breakdown v2’.

Adding a last minute sensitivity

Row 11 already works well in the model so we MUST leave it as the basis. What we can do is build a section above it that will feed into Row 11. So although the contents of row 11 will change, the rest of the model stays the same and uses row 11 as its input. Perhaps you would end up with something like this.

Adding a last minute sensitivity

Row 11 has now moved down to row 21 but all the links to it are maintained. Above this we have built in the extra information and created a CHOOSE command to choose between the options.