Beginner MS Excel

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The Beginner MS Excel portion covers the various tools and formula you should know in your daily Excel work. The focus of the Beginner course is more on understanding the basics and essentials of MS Excel use. If you buy this product bundle, it will open the MS Excel Beginner Online Course.

Beginner Excel Course Details

  • 60 lessons
  • 130 video clips
  • 28 example exercises with detailed video solutions explaining exactly how you should have got to the answer.
  • Aimed at Beginner Excel users, based on our free Excel skills assessments
  • Equivalent of attending a 1 day live course
  • Lifetime access
  • Start/ stop as required and repeat when necessary

Examples of what you will be able to do

After the lessons and exercises you will be able to:

Understand how the cells can be used for entering text, numbers or calculations


How the ribbons work and the areas to focus on


Create your own area for your favorite buttons


Understand how to use the formula bar


Work with the sheets in a spreadsheet


Freeze the dates so they don’t move away when you are working through the spreadsheet
Highlighting cells you want to work with including non consecutive cells
Various ways of pasting your copied data
Work with the rows and columns


Various ways you can format a cell to make it look the way you want


Sum, average, count cells or find the maximum or minimum values


Understand how and why $ signs are so useful


How to link between sheets or spreadsheets


Split key text into their own columns


Switch on and use a Filter to easily extract reports


Sort your data


Find errors in your formulas


Turn data into reports (in seconds)

and much, much more!

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