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Conditional Formatting

Change color based on benchmark in another cell

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In this lesson you learn how Conditional formatting can also be set up to look at the contents of another cell. So for example if you have a benchmark that must be beaten, you can tell the conditional format to check if a cell is greater than that benchmark.

You may want to set up your conditional formats to refer to a benchmark cell. Instead of typing in a number directly into the conditional format box, you want it to refer to another cell.

As shown below we want cells B15 to F15 to check if they are greater than the number in cell B8. All you need to do is follow the same process.

Change color based on benchmark in another cell

But this time instead of typing in 30%,  you would just click on the relevant cell and choose your preferred form. Now whenever you change the benchmark number in B8 the conditional formats will update themselves.

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