Change many sheets at the same time

If (and only if) you have used the concepts of best practice, you can access a tool which allows you to make mass changes to your spreadsheet, both with text and formulas.

In the example below we see two different sheets that are structurally the same (note that Product X and Y are in the same rows, the 31 Dec 2003’s are in the same column, the client name is in cell A1 on both sheets).

Change all sheets at once

If we want to make changes to both at the same time, all you need to do is

  1. Click on the one sheet
  2. Hold your CTRL button down and
  3. Click on the other sheet (you can click on as many sheets as you want)

You are now in Group mode. You will notice that the sheet tab colours turn white and in the file name it says GROUP.

Now anything you do to one will happen to the other sheet, including FORMULA changes.

WARNING: As great as this tool is, it is very important to remember to turn it off when you are done. The visual indicators that warn you that you are in GROUP mode are not great and it is easy to forget. Don’t do anything else when using this tool. Switch it on, make the changes and switch it off.

In the video below you can see how this works.

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