Chart Examples 4- Waterfall Chart and Risk Register

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Exercise 7

In the sheet Waterfall Chart

We want to explain how we went from a budgeted Profit of 66 to an Actual profit of 76.

  • Create a waterfall chart by making use of the Stock Charts
  • Note that the chart needs to:
    • Differentiate the category reason e.g. Sales reasons, COS reasons
    • Have the chart title be linked to B5

Chart Exercise- Add Commentary

Exercise 8

In the sheet Risk Ranking (note this will only work if you are using Excel 2013 or higher)

  • We want to create a risk ranking matrix comparing the Likelihood of a risk and the potential impact of the risk
    • Note that the Axis must go from 0 to 10
    • Each point must have its label underneath it
    • The middle of the axis (5 on both horizontal and vertical) are thicker lines and dashed.

Chart Exercise

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