Chart Examples- Line, column, bar, pie, radar,area

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Chart Ex 4

Chart Examples

Using the data in A11 to B15, create a Pie chart that:

  • Has no legend
  • Has the description and % value as labels
  • Is an outside fit

Chart Ex 5

Chart Examples

Using the data in A11 to A28 and C11 to C28 (notice we don’t need column B in this chart), create a Bar of Pie chart that:

  • Have labels being the ¬†description and value
  • The bar split is based on 5% of value
  • Gap Width needs to be 200%
  • Second Plot size needs to be 130%
  • Change the colour scheme so that it is the same colour just different shades
  • Make the labels have a grey background with black text.

Chart Ex 6

Chart Examples

Using the data in A11 to A28 and C11 to C28 (notice we don’t need column B in this chart), create a Bar chart that:

  • Goes in order from top to bottom i.e. in the same order as the cata
  • Make sure the axis has a label for each expenditure type

Chart Ex 7

Chart Examples

Using the data in A10 to DD12, plot these exchange rates on a Line Chart. Make sure that:

  • The horizontal axis is NOT treated as a date
  • The vertical axis is not a currency but a normal number
  • Smooth the lines

Chart Ex 8

Chart Examples

We want to plot the bill (cells B11 to B37) against the costs in column F. We have created the chart already so you just need to add the series to it. However, as the costs are negative numbers it will not be easy to compare so first we need to create a helper column in G11 to G37 that makes the costs a positive number.

For the series we want them to overlap slightly (30%)

Chart Ex 9

Chart Examples

We need to know where a new employee fits into a team with regards their Excel skills. In A10 to E14 we have the employees scores across 4 skill sets.

Create a radar chart so that:

  • The axis are the skill sets and the colours are the employees
  • The axis are forces to go from 0 to 10.

Chart Ex 10

Chart Examples

In A10 to Y21 we have the construction spend on 11 different buildings over a 24 month period. We want an area chart that shows us when all the buildings are costing us but also be able to see what the total cost is for any month.

Add drop lines to make it easier to see what is happening.

Chart Ex 11

Chart Examples

Create a column chart out of the data in A11 to B23. Using the available templates in the design ribbon, try get to something like this (keep in mind as a result of different versions you may struggle to get exactly the same)


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