Chart Examples- Series and Axis

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Chart Examples- Series and Axis

Chart Ex 2

Using the chart given, do the following to make the chart look like this:


  • Add in the new series in C10 to C19
  • Put the new series on a secondary axis.
  • Change the new series (% net profit) to a dashed line
  • Make sure there is a legend at the top
  • Format the Revenue Axis as a number without decimals
  • Format the % Net Profit axis as a % with no decimals
  • Label the 2 vertical axis as Revenue and % Net Profit
  • Add vertical grid lines to make it easier to read the dates

Chart Ex 3

Out of the data in D10 to E34, create a column chart.

Set up the horizontal axis so that it includes the information in B10 to C34. The end result should look like this


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