Conditional Formatting- Exercises 2

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Exercise 7

We have a table of data showing how much ore is in each location. We also have a table showing where we have already mined.

  • In cells C6 to V25, use a colour scale to create a heat map of where the best locations are
  • In these same cells, use a formula conditional formatting to show which locations have already been mined (black it out)
  • In X6 to X25, create a formula to determine how much ore is still available to be mined (note that in column Y we have shown the total ore available).
  • In Z6 to Z25 show the percentage ore remaining.

Exercise 8

We want to create a Gantt type chart but don’t want to use a chart

  • In J8 to AL9, create conditional formats that
    • Will show when we start and end with land (use a light green shading)
    • When Bulk will start and end (use pattern)
    • When Internals start and end (change the borders to be red)

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