Conditional Formatting- Exercises 1

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Exercise 4

In the sheet Line Shading

We need to show this table on a dashboard but we want the lines to be shaded whenever the City name changes

  • On the cells A11 to D27, use conditional formatting so that the entire row has a different colour if the city in column A is different from the one above. We expect to see shading on row 11, 17, 21 and 25

Exercise 5

In the sheet Highlight Change

We have a monthly income statement. In order to make it easier to read, we want each row to highlight the cell if the monthly amount changes e.g. in H79 levies go to 46 328 from 79 410

  • Put conditional formatting on cells B10 to M14 and B17 to M33 that shade the cell that changes from the cell in the month before.

Exercise 6

We have been given a map of which areas have been mined and which haven’t using 1’s and 2’s. We want to visualise it

  • In G6 to Z25, use conditional formatting to have a different shading based on the table in AE6 to AX25.

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