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Basic workings of an Excel spreadsheet

Copy and paste and paste special

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Copy and Paste is one of the most useful tools in Excel. It has some risks but these will be covered later.

Copy and Paste Everything

By default if you copy and paste a cell or cells, Excel will take everything.

Copy Paste

This will put that area into a clip board awaiting instructions of where it must go.


Copy Paste

What if you don’t want to copy everything?

What happens if you don’t want to copy everything in a range. Perhaps you like the way you have formatted the area but don’t want the same text and numbers. Perhaps you want the formulas to be removed but it must leave the results of the formulas behind  as numbers.

Special Paste Options (Paste Special)

Excel has a number of Paste Special options to cater for all your needs.

Copy Paste

This screen will provide all the Paste Special options. For this course we are just working through the red block below.

Copy Paste

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