Chart Tips and Tricks

Copy the format of one chart to another chart

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A very useful feature in Excel is the Format painter which takes the format of a cell and uses it to paint another cell with the exact same format. You can do the same thing with a Chart but not in the same way.

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If we have created a bullet chart as shown below, we want to be able to re-use it on other data.

Format Painter for Charts

Let’s say next quarter we have 3 more months data. If we create a graph from scratch we get this. Instead of redoing all the tricks to get a bullet chart you can

Format Painter for Charts
  • Click on the first chart
  • Copy it (CTRL + C)
  • Click on the second chart
  • Go to HOME and click on the Paste Drop Down and choose Paste Special
Format Painter for Charts
  • This dialogue box will appear. Choose Formats and Click OK. It will look the same and you will save yourself a lot of (re)work
Format Painter for Charts