Create a Pivot Table- Step by Step

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Create a Pivot Table- Step by Step

Once your data is in an acceptable form it is time to create the pivot table. The process itself is very easy.

Watch the VIDEO clip to set up an initial Pivot Table:

To follow along in your Excel Download File go to 1.1 PhoneBill

Some of the key points from the video clips you should note:

  • You should explicitly highlight the data you want to include in a pivot table. Don’t let Excel guess for you.
  • The shortcut to quickly highlight a large data set is holding CTRL and SHIFT down and then clicking the right arrow and then the down arrow
  • The Pivot Tables Tools Ribbon only appears when you are clicked in the Pivot Table
  • Rather click and drag the field names (as apposed to clicking the check box and Excel guesses where the field should be put)
  • Pivot Tables are not actually in the cells, you could see it as hovering just above the cells. As such
    • you cannot change the structure of the pivot table by inserting/ deleting rows and columns
    • you need to tell the pivot table to refresh the data if you make changes.
    • you should not format cells by highlighting cells and formatting (the traditional way). You need to use the Pivot Table tools to make sure the formatting stays on.
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