Excel Dashboards and Management Reporting Course

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The Excel Dashboards and Management Reporting Course covers all the tools and functions that can be used to (easily) present Dashboards and Management Reports.

Excel Dashboards and Management Reporting Course Details

  • 72 lessons
  • 125 video clips
  • 25 example exercises with detailed video solutions explaining exactly how you should have got to the answer.
  • Aimed at Intermediate and above Excel users, based on our free Excel skills assessments
  • Equivalent of attending a 1 ½  day live course
  • Lifetime access
  • Start/ stop as required and repeat when necessary

Examples of what you will be able to do

After the lessons and exercises you will be able to:

Insert mini charts to show the trend of data


Change the format of numbers to make it easier to read and fit into dashboards


Allow the dashboard to (automatically) take new information into account


Make dashboard information easier to read with (automatic) shading


Highlight anomalies/ changes in numbers in the dashboard to aid the reader


Connect Pivots together
Create dashboards that can all be updated in one go based on set selections.


Extract key information/ ratios out of a Pivot Database to include on your dashboard report


Allow the dashboard reader to change the time period used in an intuitive way.


Use new MS Excel chart types to better explain what has happened and why


Build charts that allow you to visualise complex information


Allow dashboard readers to choose what information should appear in a chart


Differentiate between the main key chart information and the ‘Other’ information


Add more information into the axises of a chart


Use Excel tricks to change chart colours to differentiate the data type e.g. actual versus budget


Understand how to use the date options in MS Excel charts


Change chart backgrounds to convey more information to the dashboard reader


Learn how to (quickly) make changes to ALL chart formats to standardise them


Improve dashboard readability by (easily) categorising key information to identify trends


Help dashboard readers visualise what the future may hold if everything stays the same


and much, much more!

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