EXERCISE: Budget vs Actual vs Forecast Example 2

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Open the Budget vs Forecast vs Actual v1 Step 2 file and do the following:

1.     We now want to create the reports and dashboard components to show what is happening

2.     In the Graphs- Waterfall sheet, do the following:

a.     In G11 column, calculate the variance on each line with a formula that is Actuals minus Budget.

b.     Have a look at I36 columns and the section in C35 to F48 for the setup

c.     You now have the data set up. Using Stock Charts create a waterfall graph explaining why the budgeted profit after tax was not achieved.  If you want, change the colours and move the axis to improve the chart. We offer a Graphing course which goes into this in more detail.

3.     In the Graphs sheet we have extracted some of the information and created some graphs that may be useful. Have a look at how this was setup.

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