EXERCISES: Conditional Formatting

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Conditional Formatting Ex 1 Question

In the indicative blocks, make the numbers in column D look like the numbers in column I. Note the instructions on what is required in the top left of the block e.g. cell A4, A25 and A47

Conditional Formatting Ex 2 Question

Use the instructions in column I to put on the conditional formatting onto each row.

Conditional Formatting Ex 3 Question

In the 3 columns (F, G and H)

  • Use Colour scales for the Mix % (column F)
  • Use the above average and below average for the GP%
  • Use Data bars to show the overall impact (column H) of the mix and GP%

Conditional Formatting Ex 4 Question

As per the instructions in cell A2:

  • Use Colour scales to show the IRR's but base the midpoint on the cell in D5
  • Use icons to show a tick or cross where the cell is bigger or less than the number in cell D7

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