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Financial Modelling with Excel

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The Financial Modelling, Budgeting and Forecasting MS Excel course covers the various tools and formula you should know if you work with any forward looking data whether it is a simple budget, longer term forecast or a financial model.

Financial Modelling Excel Course Details

  • 115 lessons
  • 200+ video clips
  • 45 example exercises with detailed video solutions explaining exactly how you should have go to the answer.
  • Aimed at Intermediate to Advanced Excel users, based on our free Excel skills assessments
  • Equivalent of attending a 2 day live course
  • Lifetime access
  • Start/ stop as required and repeat when necessary

Examples of what you will be able to do

After the lessons and exercises you will be able to:

Let Excel take your historical data and forecast forward, either simply, or including seasonality.


Use Excel’s capabilities to work backwards. No more making small changes to a cell to see when the spreadsheet gives you the answer you want


See what numbers make up a formula without jumping all around the spreadsheet


Learn how to (easily) build nested IF formulas. Technique can be used for any nested formulas


Control the formatting of cells and include the key metric within the cell without upsetting formulas


See 2 sheets FROM THE SAME SPREADSHEET side by side for comparisons or for (easily) building your formula.


Learn how to model for changes in ‘fixed’ costs when growth changes


Build automated What If matrices so that you can see the impact of changes on the outcome without having to re run the spreadsheet


Protect various aspects of your spreadsheet models from unwanted changes by users


Add Waterfall charts to your spreadsheet models to better explain what is happening in the budget or forecast


Let Excel find the correct sheet to use based on the sheet name. You can add sheets and the formulas will adapt


Create comprehensive lookups that run across and down


Create consolidation spreadsheets that include sheets depending on where they are placed. Easily move branches from one division to another without changing formula


Find errors in your formulas


Remove errors from Formulas


How many working days between 2 dates (taking holidays into account)


Insert mini charts to show the trend of data


Learn how to allow for time dependencies and critical paths in your spreadsheet models


Make sure any formula you build can be easily (and safely) copied and reused


Build your spreadsheets in such a way that the formulas you create are the easiest possible


Learn how to (easily) summarise monthly information into annual, semi annual, quarterly or any period you want.


Use safe, efficient formula rather than building your own
See how Excel can mimic your Financial Calculator for debt and time value of money calculations and do more
Build detailed debt calculators with options like interest and capital repayment holidays
Learn how Time Value of Money can be used for PE Ratios

and much, much more!

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