Find complex formula in Excel spreadsheets

Find complex formula in Excel spreadsheets

All these tests are trying to prioritise which cells to look at first. This test looks for formula that appear complex and might have errors in them.

So even a formula like

=C10 + C101 + C25 + C237 + C359 + C360 + C361 + C400 + C345 + C521 + C300 + C237+ C698 + C701 + C702 + C703 + C704 + C15

is complex because someone had to manually click all the cells. Did they click on the correct cells? Did they duplicate a cell (see above there is a duplicate).

This test will point out all the complex formula. If you have limited time, this is a good place to start.

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Below a video clip explaining what this test in Spreadsheet Professional means


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