GOTO Special- find comments, values, formulas and more

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The GOTO Special button is surprisingly unknown. It has a number of tools, but its basic task is to work through an entire sheet and highlight all cells that have a certain characteristic e.g. it

  • has a comment in it
  • is a number only (no = sign)
  • is a formula, etc

It means you don’t need to click on each cell while holding CTRL.

Learn about the GoTo special tool and all the ways it can help you. As shown below there are many options and each one is useful in a particular area.

GoTo Special

What you are asking Excel is to GO TO all the cells that contain […..]

In the case below we have chosen the Comments option. Excel will highlight all the cells that have comments in them. So below note that all cells with comments are active cells. Typically you would do something now e.g. colour all the cells or, using the Clear Comments tool shown below,  delete all the comments in those cells.

GoTo Special


Find all cells with numbers/ formula in them

If we chose the Constants option and decided to look only for numbers as shown below

GoTo Special

This would be the result. We now know that all the highlighted cells are only numbers similar to the number in E3. There are no = signs and no text in any of these cells. This is a good way to understand a spreadsheet you have received.

GoTo Special

If we did the same thing with formulas,  it would show

GoTo Special

Find all the objects

If you have objects on your spreadsheet (logos, pictures, buttons, charts) that you want to easily remove you can choose to highlight all of them by choosing Objects.

GoTo Special

Excel will highlight them (see below). Now if you click Delete all of them will be deleted in one go.

GoTo Special

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