Group your favorite Excel buttons together

At the very top of the spreadsheet window there is typically a little toolbar either

  • above or
  • below

the main ribbons.

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As the name implies it is for any buttons you want to access quickly. Most people will only have a few icons up there (red block in the image below) but you can add more if you want.

Quick Access Toolbar

To add an icon to this toolbar, the easiest way is to find the icon on your ribbons and:

  • Right click on the Icon and then select;
  • Add to quick access toolbar

So below we want to add the Bold icon to the Quick Access area. We go to the HOME tab, right click on the Bold Icon and choose the ‘Add to Quick Access Toolbar’.

Quick Access Toolbar

Once you have clicked, your Quick Access Toolbar will look like this with the Bold icon now always available in this area.


If you want to remove an icon, the process is just the reverse i.e.

  • Right click on the icon in the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Choose the ‘Remove from Quick Access Toolbar’ as shown below

Quick Access Toolbar

It is useful as well to notice that when you right click there are 2 other options related to the Quick Access Toolbar (as shown in the red box above).

Instead of right clicking to add and remove you can go into a separate dialogue box where you can customize the Quick Access Toolbar. You can also decide where you would prefer to see the toolbar in relation to the ribbons.

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