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The course is made up of a series of modules (red arrows below) and lessons (blue arrows). Each module has a common theme and each lesson covers a single concept.


Lessons will have:

  • a YouTube based video clip that matches the Excel download so that you can follow along and try out what you learn.
  • Text based instructions with Screenshots.

As shown below you will

  • be shown where to go to follow along
  • have a video clip
  • have text based instructions

We recommend that you do both even if you prefer one of the methods. The key is to try and mimic the steps.

Some other ideas some of the participants have had:

  • If you have 2 screens, run the video clip/ read the instructions on one screen while you work on Excel on the other screen.
  • If you don’t have 2 screens, use your smartphone to watch the video clip while you try out the steps.

In order to complete a lesson, you need to either complete the quiz (discussed below) or click the Complete Lesson button at the bottom of the page as shown below. Note that you can easily go to the previous/ next lesson from here as well.

Progress through the lessons

As you progress through the course, on the right you will see a progress bar. This allows you to see:

  • which course, module and lesson you are doing
  • which lessons have been completed
  • which lessons still need to be completed.

Exercise examples

Where appropriate we have included examples and exercises to cement your knowledge. In all cases for exercises there is:

  • A video clip explaining what is required.
  • Text instructions explaining the requirements (might be useful to print some of these out).
  • The matching Excel sheet for you to try on.
  • A solution in the Excel sheet where you can look at the results.
  • A video clip that goes through what you should have done to get the correct solution.

Ask Us Questions

As part of the course you are able to ask us question. Where ever you see ‘Contact Course teacher’ as shown below you can send us a message.

If you ask a question try and be specific.

If it is related to one of the spreadsheets, tell us the

  • spreadsheet name,
  • sheet name and
  • cellreference you are referring to.

MCQ Questions

Certain lessons can only be completed by passing a MCQ set of questions. These questions are there to see that you have understood the KEY aspects of what you have just learnt.

They are not there to catch you out and if you get them wrong you can re do the questions.

As shown below you will see what you require (‘You require 100% to pass this lesson’s quiz’) and at the bottom there is a button to take the quiz (‘View the lesson quiz’)

When you view the lesson quiz you will see something similar to below. Note that there is

  • question/s,
  • possible answers,
  • a Complete Quiz button to check if you are right and
  • a Reset to take the quiz again.


Once you have completed the entire course, you will be able to print out a certificate showing that you have completed and passed the course. Note that completing a course means going through each lesson and either

  • completing the quiz or
  • clicking the complete button.

Let’s Get Going

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