Inserting Values into a Pivot Table

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Inserting Values into a Pivot Table

One of the first things you will be wanting to do is inserting values into a Pivot Table. This is some of the power of a Pivot Table in that it can take thousands of lines of data and quickly perform calculations on them with the use of a single formula.

To follow along in your Excel Download File go to 2.1 Values

The key lessons from this video are:

  • You can pull any field into the VALUES section and as many time as you want (you can repeat the fields if you want)
  • In the VALUES section it will do a SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN and some statistical procedures
  • If you have more than 1 field in the values, you will be able to change whether the values are shown in columns or rows.
  • The cells in a field are linked. You can click on one cell and whatever you do to that cell with a Pivot Table tool, will happen to all the related cells in that field
  • You can change the name of a field but you should rather only do this at the end.
  • If you want to format cells, you must do it through the Pivot Table tools via the field settings


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