Intermediate MS Excel

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The Intermediate Excel portion covers the various tools and formula you should know in your daily Excel work. The focus of the Intermediate course is more on the use of Excel’s tools and wizards to achieve your goals. If you buy this product bundle, it will open the MS Excel Intermediate Online Course.

Intermediate Excel Course Details

  • 133 lessons
  • 260 video clips
  • 48 example exercises with detailed video solutions explaining exactly how you should have got to the answer.
  • Aimed at Beginner to Intermediate Excel users, based on our free Excel skills assessments
  • Equivalent of attending a 2 day live course
  • Lifetime access
  • Start/ stop as required and repeat when necessary

Examples of what you will be able to do

After the lessons and exercises you will be able to:

Find errors in your formulas
Improve the visuals on your spreadsheets
Sort out problemsome Excel dates
Split key text into their own columns
Neaten up your spreadsheets
Create a dashboard type feel for your spreadsheets
Move columns around or sort based on the colour of a cell
Insert mini charts to show the trend of data
Create ‘Word’ like reports in Excel
Merge databases together
Put imported data into its own Excel columns
Easily delete unwanted rows
Turn data into reports (in seconds)
Fit pivot tables into the columns
Normalise data
Group dates into weeks, months, quarters, years with no effort
How many working days between 2 dates (taking holidays into account)
Remove errors from Formulas
Identify above and below average results
Fill in Gaps (easily)
Fix messy system dates
Join cells together
Show big and small numbers on the same chart
Fix date issues on charts
Add more information directly to your chart
Differentiate between the main key chart information and the ‘Other’ information

and much, much more!

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