Auditing an Excel spreadsheet

Loading your version of the Excel Auditing Add-In

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In order to benefit from this free course, you should download the trial version of ExcelAnalyzer. There are some inbuilt tools you can use without needing an additional Excel Add In which we have listed below, but we highly recommend using an Excel Add In if a spreadsheet error can cause a major loss to your business.

Download an Excel Auditing Tool to speed up the process

Download a free trial copy of the Excel Auditing tool used in this course using the link below.

When you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Auditing Tool site so that you can download the version of the software that is used in this course. As shown below, click on the Start Your Free Trial button. You can then proceed with learning how to use the tool to find your spreadsheet errors and eliminate them.

Download the Excel Auditing Tool explained in this course.

Once you have completed loading your version of ExcelAnalyzer you can proceed with the course.

ExcelAnalyzer is an Excel Spreadsheet Add In whose sole purpose is to reduce the time spent searching for spreadsheet errors. Where possible in this course we show ways to find spreadsheet errors using only Excel’s inbuilt tools, but in reality for some of them, it will either be you looking at every cell, late into the night, or getting the software to find all these inconsistencies and errors.

Alternate inbuilt methods to find Excel Errors

If you don’t want to look at using an Excel Auditing tool, some of the auditing techniques can be performed using some of Excel’s inbuilt tools. In the course we link to them as well, but below a summary of the main items that we use.

Auditing Toolbar– Trace where cells come from and go to in order to identify risk areas

Find inconsistent formulas – formulas that suddenly change from one cell to another are a risk. You need to find them

Find the risky functions– A quick way to look and review particular risky functions in an Excel workbook

Find the external links– links to other spreadsheets carry risks.

Example files used in the Excel Auditing Course

Click the download button to get the example files with built in spreadsheet errors so that you can see how quickly you will find all the spreadsheet errors after completing this course.

Download Example Files to follow along

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