Paste a linked picture of data onto a chart (or anywhere)

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Although not part of charts, this feature allows you to create linked pictures that can be used standalone or can be put onto a chart.

This tool allows you to take a ‘picture’ of a group of cells (which can include a chart) and paste that picture anywhere else in the spreadsheet. The benefit is that the picture is still watching the original cells so if they change the picture changes.

This can be very useful where you have items from different reports that need different size columns or rows but you don’t want to have the whole column or row that size because it will affect something else in the dashboard.

So if I need to include this (13 columns)

Paste Linked Pictures into your dashboard

Into a dashboard that looks like this and it must fit into the page (7 columns of different sizes)

Paste Linked Pictures into your dashboard

You will see your cells, but they are now a picture. If you look closely you will see that in one normal spreadsheet column, there are 2 or 3 ‘columns’ from the picture.

Paste Linked Pictures into your dashboard

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