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Pivot Examples: All features learnt so far

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Pivot Examples: All features learnt so far

1-    Remove the MONTH and DAY OF WEEK from the Pivot and

a.     Include the DATE field in the rows

b.     Group the DATE field into Months (NOTE: because you can do this it means we don’t actually need a MONTH column in the data field!!)

2-    Group the DATE field now so that it is in QUARTERS and MONTHS

3-    Group the DATE field now so that it is in 7 day batches

4-    Remove the groupings and remove the DATE rows

c.     Drag the DURATION field into the ROWS (not into the data section but the rows section)- when you do this you  must be careful of having too much data

d.     Remove the Average DURATION data and drag in the BILL Data into the DATA area twice. Make one a SUM of BILL and the OTHER a COUNT of Bill

e.     Now group the DURATION row field in 1 minute intervals

f.      Check which are the 2 calls that have a duration of 21 minutes (the last items)

g.     Create a simple graph based on this Pivot Table. Change the format of the graph so that the columns are next to each other.

h.     Note the difference in the shape of the number of calls and SUM of the Bill.

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