Pivot Examples: rows in a pivot table

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Pivot Examples: rows in a pivot table

1-    Using the available pivot as a base create the report that:

a.     Brings the day of the week to the right of the Month

b.     Sort the day of the week so that it reads Monday to Sunday

c.     Remove Saturday and Sunday from the report

d.     Move the Average Duration for a call to the first data column

2-    Using the above as a base:

e.     Remove all the data columns except for the Average Duration per call and the Total Duration per call

f.      Create Custom subtotals on the MONTH to show:

i.    SUM

ii.    COUNT

iii.    AVERAGE

iv.    MAX

v.    MIN

g.     Change the Layout to show in Outline Format

h.     Insert a blank line after each item

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