Printing Tips

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Unfortunately for the environment, spreadsheets still get mostly printed so it is useful to know some quick ways to improve your printing.

To follow along go to 25.4

Watch the video clip to see how it works but the options that seem the least known are in the Sheet tab of the page layout.

Printing Tricks

By using this tab you can:

  • Add the grid lines to your print (useful if there are lots of numbers and you find yourself needing a ruler to follow along)
  • Print in Black and White only- useful if you like colours on your spreadsheet but prefer the prints to be clean
  • Comments- you can decide whether the comments should be printed and how
  • Cell Errors- you decide whether you want to print the DIV!0, #N/A etc errors or do you want them to be printed as blanks (they stay on the spreadsheet but are not printed).
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