Quick entry of rows of data

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If you enter rows and rows of data, you can save some time by having Excel move the cursor back to the beginning of the next row.

To follow along go to 25.2

As per below we are entering rows of data. If you use your mouse or the enter key then you have to manually click on the next cell you want to go to and when you get to the end of the line, you need to click a few arrow keys or use your mouse to start at the beginning of the line.

As an alternate, rather:

  • enter your text e.g. in cell A18 then click TAB to move to the next cell
  • Enter the text in this new cell (B18) and click TAB again to move on.
  • Keep doing this until you come to the last cell (D18) when you will click ENTER.
Tab Tab Enter

Excel knows to jump back to the column of the first TAB but one row down. Almost like an old typewriter!

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