Single Column to Multiple Columns

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Certain information sources export all their data into a single column, when ideally you would want it split into separate columns. The Text to Column tool allows for this but it also has some other useful tools for cleaning data.

The Text to Column tool has many uses and is invaluable as a data clean-up tool. As the name implies it takes text that is in a single column and splits it over many columns based on some delimiter (the item that tells us where the split is e.g. a comma).

If you have data like below where it is all in column A, but if you look carefully at it you will see that a comma separates key bits of information i.e. the date, branch, account number etc, you will want to get the common fields into their own columns for further workings.Text to Columns

The Text to Column tool, Excel will put the data into its appropriate columns.

Text to Columns

If you choose fixed width instead of delimiter at the beginning of the process you will have the option to specify the width of each column, and Excel will use that as its method to put the text into columns. This is less common nowadays but there are times when it is still required.

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