Text Examples

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Text Ex 1

In A10 to A19, we have names but there is no consistency is the casing. In column B make it all lower case, in column C make it upper case and in column D make it proper case

Text Ex 2

On the Video Clips spreadsheet you are using

The ID numbers have been captured in column A but due to finger problems some of them are incorrect as they have more characters then they should have.

  • Create a formula in the yellow cells that works out the length of the captured ID in column A.
  • All ID’s should be 13 characters long.
  • Visually ascertain where the problem ones are.
  • For bigger lists you can add the AutoFilter and then filter on anything that is not 13 characters long.

Text Ex 3

On the Video Clips spreadsheet you are using

The IT system has extracted the employee’s names in separate columns for First Name and Surname. You need to combine into a single column for the payroll.

  • In the yellow cells, create a formula that joins column A and B together so that it shows SURNAME, FIRSTNAME e.g. Anthony Fillies become Fillies, Anthony

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