The many uses of VLOOKUP in the HR environment

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Vlookup can be used in a variety of areas and is therefore a very important function that is well worth getting to know. Its uses include:

  • Joining/ merging databases and tables e.g. attach employee names to their salaries, address details etc
  • Finding missing items (useful for reconciliations, finding employees with an email address but no other details etc)
  • Comparing 2 columns¬†(useful for reconciliations)
  • Extract information from data to be used regularly in reports
  • Let Excel guestimate an answer e.g. tax calculations
  • Create categories for employee performance, grouping of sales, grouping employees into age brackets
  • Age invoices, stock and debtors into bands- aging anything
  • Sales commission bands
  • Tax bands

Once you understand how VLOOKUP works, you will also understand better how Excel’s more complex functions work and you will find that the other ones are a little easier to learn.

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