Vlookup multiple values

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Occasionally when performing a VLOOKUP, the lookup values are not all in one column but rather over 2 or more columns. So for example if we are looking up a person we want to use there first name and surname but these are in different columns in the lookup table.

The easiest way to address this is to create a single unique column that combines these for you and then use this helper column in the VLOOKUP.

In the example below, note that on the LEFT hand side we have created a new column and using CONCATENATE (you can also use “&” if you know how) we have combined the first name and surname with a space in between. The reason we create it on the left of the table is because VLOOKUP works from left to right and we need this column to be the first column in the table


Now we can create a VLOOKUP that searches for the full name in the table as shown below. Although there are other complex way to achieve this, we feel this is the easiest to understand and most transparent.


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